Reasons to Buy an Open Wheeler Seat

If you’re here on our age then you probably played a lot of Need For Speed when you were still young. Perhaps you also read a lot of Initial D manga too? If nothing else, you were definitely on board with the earlier Fast and Furious films (you know, when they were actually good. Yeah, we said it.) Your love for cars spreads throughout all things in your life, including the kind of games you play.

Back in the day, you had your keyboard and mouse to get you through the tracks of Need For Speed but now you can simulate a much fuller experience too. Gaming graphics have reached a point where it’s getting harder and harder to tell the game from reality when compared side by side but that’s not all. We also have gaming hardware that makes the entire experience more immersive than it’s ever been before.

With horror games, you can get a way-too-real experience through VR goggles but when it comes to car racing games, you’ll need to simulate being inside of a car for an immersive experience. That’s where the open wheeler seat comes in. You can buy a nice steering wheel controller that will definitely make the entire experience more fun for you but placing a steering wheel on a desk doesn’t feel right.

What does feel right, however, is how you any mount a racing wheel from the best manufacturers onto your open wheeler seat, making you feel like you’re in the cockpit of a supercar that would’ve otherwise set you back half a million dollars, give or take. You interact with an open wheeler seat in the same way you’d interact with an actual car seat, which is why the open wheeler seat is worth buying.