Leaking Water is More Trouble Than You’d Think

If at any point, your electricity gets a little faulty, you’ll be dialing your trusted 24/7 electrician as fast as you can. Likewise, if your internet stops working, you’ll be yelling at your service provider in a matter of seconds. However, when people detect leaking pipes in their basement, they’re less likely to freak out about it. We see water leakages as the kind of problem that can wait till the next day to be fixed.

Water leakages can be pretty serious and we’re going to talk about why that is the case, on this page. If you suspect that your plumbing or water supply has some sort of a leak in it, you should call Melbourne leak detection experts right away. Water can cause a lot of gradual damage to your property and it can be very hard to reverse the effects of this damage as well. Here are some warning signs of a water leak that you should be wary of.

Water Bill Increasing

If you aren’t filling a swimming pool full of fresh water every week and still getting high water bills, you probably have some sort of a leak after the gauge that measures how much water you’re consuming at home. You’re losing a lot of money here and ought to get this leak fixed as soon as you can.

Damp Walls

If your paint is starting to swell up and break, it’s because there’s fungus growing underneath it. This happens when the wall soaks up a lot of water and is damp throughout. Unless this is happening to a roof where water could collect, you might have a leaking pipe in your wall. You might want to get that foxed and your wall repaired.