Fast Internet And Life

When optic fibre internet first came out, it was extremely high-end technology that only big organizations could afford. Just the thought of speeds up to 100MB/s were crazy to the rest of us, with our copper connections. Gradually, optic fibre became available to more and more companies till people could get connections for their home as well. These days, optic fibre connections are the new standard for internet connectivity.

The slowest speeds on optic fibre connection are around the 15-20MB/s range and we can have speeds as fast as 150MB/s and higher. Such fast speeds are convenient as far as use at home is concerned and when it comes to business use, fast speeds mean more productivity as well. Did you know that in research published by Sandisk, it was found that slow internet speeds can cause an accumulated delay of up to a week’s worth of hours, in a year? Fibre networks save time and money.

Another great thing about bästa bredbandsleverantören fibre networks is that they are much more secure by their very design. Unlike copper cables, optic fibre cables don’t radiate any signals, which means that they can’t be hacked into. Cyber attacks are a big concern both for connections at home and in the office and using optic fibre cables can greatly reduce the risk of these attacks.

On top of it all, fibre cables cost much lesser than copper. You can get a multitude of services through a single optic fibre line. With copper, you’ll have to specify if you want cable and phone as well at the time of installation. You can decide what other services you want to use later on and not have to pay for installation over and over again.