Asbestos in Homes: A Myth?

We all know that governments all around the world have banned the use of asbestos in buildings or anywhere else, however, there was once a time when asbestos was widely popular and used all over. In fact, there were millions of people equipped to mine for asbestos during its peak popularity. However, once doctors started noticing the spike in people coming in with lung-related issues and diseases, it was found that asbestos fibers were the culprit, and hence asbestos was ultimately banned after the 70s.

Now, what a lot of us do not know is that there are still millions of houses and buildings present that still have asbestos present in their walls. So, if you happen to live or work in any house or building that was built for the 1970s, then it needs to be get tested for asbestos. In fact, certain require you to get these buildings tested by law before you can inhabit them or start any project in them.

So, in case you thought that asbestos being present in buildings and houses still is a myth, then you are mistaken. A lot of houses and buildings did not get their asbestos removed once the initial ban was imposed, and they still happen to exist today.

This is why there are companies like goodbye asbestos that offer services in both testing and removing asbestos. So, once asbestos fibers have been detected in the air quality, then the area is cordoned off so that the professionals can carefully remove all of the asbestos, and after confirming that the air quality is clear and other tests for asbestos are negative, then you can proceed to live in the building. In conclusion, asbestos is still very real, and it still poses as a threat that needs to be removed immediately.