Protect Your Ideas Against Theft

If you’re an artist, a writer or any kind of a content creator then this page is for you. Every time you sit down with your ideas and try to come up with something original, you’re not only just doing what you love doing, you’re also working to earn your keep. All of your ideas carry value, whether the work you’re doing is for your pleasure or for a certain client who commissioned it. Even when a client pays you to create content, they get to claim ownership of it but if you ask that they give you credit, they have to.

Artists often come across clients who commission their work just so they can pose as the original creators of the work themselves. Some artists don’t really care about this and charge such clients extra money for them to claim the piece as their own. However, if you want your work to follow your brand everywhere it goes, then these kinds of clients are just stealing your intellectual property from you and you can exercise the power of the legal system to bring them to justice.

Another time when artists face intellectual property theft is when they post an incomplete piece of their work online and another artist plagiarises it and then claims it as their own. In either of the above mentioned cases, your work is being stolen from you and with the help of an Incubate IP lawyer, you can save your work and sue those who steal your work from you. If you aren’t yet sure of what you need to do before you post your work in any stage of its completion anywhere, speak to an intellectual property lawyer right away.