Old Buildings, Why Should You Care?

On one hand we’re living in perhaps the most technologically advanced stage that mankind has ever seen with all our new gadgets, new lifestyles and cities decorated in neon lights. On the other hand, we have our heritage in our architecture that we should never leave behind. While those of us who are over a certain age still have immense respect for things such as heritage, the millennial generation is a bit of a concern.

Going forwards, the world will depend on the millennials which is why it’s important that they learn to appreciate ancient architecture now so they may preserve it late. On this page, we’re going to list down a few reasons why it’s important to preserve old buildings. If these reasons don’t change you mind instantly then this blog post by Team Build Construction certainly will, once you read a little bit of the stories these buildings have to tell us.

Architectural Beauty

Why should you care about some old buildings? Well guess what, there’s a scientific reason behind why you should do so; a new neuroscience has shown that the beauty of ancient architectural designs trigger synaptic activity in our brains that just elevate our mood. Go and check some architecture out for yourself – don’t you feel much better now?

They’re Proof of The Past

Napoleon once said “What is history, but a fable agreed upon?” and he couldn’t be more right; we have no way of knowing if the historical events that got recorded and preserved for us to read are even accurate. However, the fact that these buildings still stand is irrefutable proof that the history that surrounds them is real. Now why wouldn’t we want these monuments to stay with us for years to come and for our descendants to see?