If You Can Do This, You Can Act

At least 8/10 people will tell you that they would love to be an actor, but only 1 out of those 10 people will actually do something about it. If you’re here reading this, then you’re close to being that one. Now all you need to do is get started. You can learn techniques on the web, practice them with a coach and study the industry till you feel up to the mark, like all these pages on the internet tell you but in order to really become an actor, you need to practice it on a deeper level.

Did you know that whenever Brad Pitt was preparing for a role that he was given to play, he’d internalise it to an extent that he’d adopt the quirks and mannerisms of her character even when we was at home – bet Angelina finds this a tad annoying! The point is that he practices his role daily and if Brad Pitt needs that kind of practice for his roles, so do you my friend.

Before you launch yourself into acting training, you need to have confidence in your ability to act and you can really bring out that kind of confidence by getting into character yourself. You can start small by practicing doing impressions in front of the mirror. Once you get good at doing these, you can do them in front of your friends and judge from their reactions if you did them well. You can graduate from this to acting out snippets of a film for your small audience as well.

If you can do this, you can certainly become a well-paid actor who gets offered roles right and left. Now you may start your training to be an actor and sit those auditions. If you want, you can check out Christian Capozzoli’s Twitter profile and get a glimpse into the life of a budding actor such as yourself.