Factors to Consider While Opting For Penetration Testing

For all the people out there who do not know what penetration testing is, we would like to tell you all that it is also known as pen testing or ethical hacking. Essentially, it is a procedure in which the ethical hackers tend to authorize a simulation of an ethical attack on either a computer or even a website so as to breach their security system and figure out the loopholes already present in the system. Once the loopholes are identified, the ethical hackers are now able to devise a stronger software or even a security patch that would help them in being able to protect that security system.

There are plenty of places from where you could learn about pen testing but the one that has been very helpful to us personally has been https://medium.com/@Aptive/what-is-penetration-testing-16603da21bbb. With that being said, following are some of the factors to consider while opting for pen testing, check them out below.

Letting Your People Know About The Simulation

Although this may seem like a very small thing, but letting your employees know about a simulation attack being carried out beforehand is important in some cases so as to not cause any panic or hysteria among your own employees. Some people still choose to conduct is on their own but that is not always the best course of action to begin with.


Another thing that you need to consider is your budget and the number of ethical hackers as employees you want to have on your time. A good number of ethical hackers is important so that they can handle even if a security breach happens. So have a good budget aside for that and then go about your company dealings.