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Fast Internet And Life

When optic fibre internet first came out, it was extremely high-end technology that only big organizations could afford. Just the thought of speeds up to 100MB/s were crazy to the rest of us, with our copper connections. Gradually, optic fibre became available to more and more companies till people could get connections for their home as well. These days, optic fibre connections are the new standard for internet connectivity.

The slowest speeds on optic fibre connection are around the 15-20MB/s range and we can have speeds as fast as 150MB/s and higher. Such fast speeds are convenient as far as use at home is concerned and when it comes to business use, fast speeds mean more productivity as well. Did you know that in research published by Sandisk, it was found that slow internet speeds can cause an accumulated delay of up to a week’s worth of hours, in a year? Fibre networks save time and money.

Another great thing about bästa bredbandsleverantören fibre networks is that they are much more secure by their very design. Unlike copper cables, optic fibre cables don’t radiate any signals, which means that they can’t be hacked into. Cyber attacks are a big concern both for connections at home and in the office and using optic fibre cables can greatly reduce the risk of these attacks.

On top of it all, fibre cables cost much lesser than copper. You can get a multitude of services through a single optic fibre line. With copper, you’ll have to specify if you want cable and phone as well at the time of installation. You can decide what other services you want to use later on and not have to pay for installation over and over again.


Factors to Consider While Opting For Penetration Testing

For all the people out there who do not know what penetration testing is, we would like to tell you all that it is also known as pen testing or ethical hacking. Essentially, it is a procedure in which the ethical hackers tend to authorize a simulation of an ethical attack on either a computer or even a website so as to breach their security system and figure out the loopholes already present in the system. Once the loopholes are identified, the ethical hackers are now able to devise a stronger software or even a security patch that would help them in being able to protect that security system.

There are plenty of places from where you could learn about pen testing but the one that has been very helpful to us personally has been With that being said, following are some of the factors to consider while opting for pen testing, check them out below.

Letting Your People Know About The Simulation

Although this may seem like a very small thing, but letting your employees know about a simulation attack being carried out beforehand is important in some cases so as to not cause any panic or hysteria among your own employees. Some people still choose to conduct is on their own but that is not always the best course of action to begin with.


Another thing that you need to consider is your budget and the number of ethical hackers as employees you want to have on your time. A good number of ethical hackers is important so that they can handle even if a security breach happens. So have a good budget aside for that and then go about your company dealings.


Benefits Associated With Having a Good Ticketing And Customer Support Software

A lot of people think that running a business involves investing capital and making revenue off of it. if you think by about it, by this bookish definition that is exactly how businesses are run. However, invest does not mean investment in marketing and sales department there are other things that need to be worked on as well. These other things include Kayako’s ticket system software and customer support. A lot of people do not really understand the difference between a ticketing and a customer support software. However, if you think about it, customer support and ticketing software are doing the same jobs essentially and there are a lot of benefits associated with them which we will be discussing in a bit.

So if you are interested in knowing about the benefits of Kayako’s ticket system software then you should keep on reading till the very end. With that being said, if you want a good ticketing software system then you should definitely check out Kayako’s ticket system software because of the amount of good reviews we have been hearing about this particular one.

Following are some of the benefits associated with having a good ticketing software for customer support, check them out below.

Quick Process

While receiving or opening tickets on the website, customers are able to drop in their queries or complaints to the company’s customer support department. From that point onwards, the correspondence for that particular problem is carried out on emails between the customer and the support rep, the process is much quicker compared to calling the customer support.

Easy For Keeping Tabs

Another great thing about Kayako’s ticket system software is that it is very easy to keep tabs on the complaints from customers and tracking them and the progress as well.


Reasons You Should Buy a Good Electric Shaver

If you are in the market looking for a good electric shaver, then you are going to find a lot of options that you can easily choose from, and it is best if you just buy a shaver that is good. The options can actually confuse you as well, if you are a first time buyer, and in most cases, you might want to buy the cheapest available option.

I always talk about buying a good electric shaver, and that is why I am going to talk about the reasons you should invest in a good electric shaver. You can even head over to the internet and check out the difference between foil electric shavers & rotary electric shavers.

You Want a Smooth Shaving Experience

One of the biggest reason that you should buy a good electric shaver is because you are looking for a smooth shaving experience, then you should definitely invest in a good electric shaver because it will make everything so much easier. Sure, you might have some other options available too, but electric is where I would put my money at.

You Want a Quick And Easy Shave

If you are looking for a quick and easy shave, then I don’t think that you can get anything better than an electric shaver. Sure, the manual does shave off most amount of hair, but that is not as convenient, especially for people who are in a hurry. That is why it is better to invest in a shaver that is electrical, so you can use it whenever you possibly want. The rest is of course your choice, but these are the reasons that should be enough to convince you.


The Better Reviews

If you are an artist then you are probably aware that one of the main reasons why all artists are generally very broke are art supplies. Art supplies have gotten really expensive recently. No matter what kind of supplies you use, it could be paints or color pencils. There are high chances that will have to pay a large chunk of your cash in order to own them. That is why people cant really afford them anymore. You might be able to get them today but what will you do when you run out and its time to get new ones? Now we cant really focus all of our money into continuously buying art supplies.

The better option then spending so much money on art supplies is to buy a drawing tablet. A drawing tablet might be a huge buy but it can save you a lot of future expense in art supplies. That is why when you think of it like this that you buy the tablet once and never have to buy individual art supplies then you are saving yourself a lot of money. Now you might be thinking that there are a lot of drawing tablets to chose from so who will help you decide the best. You don’t want to spend money on a tablet that won’t give you the best. Then what you need is a good review site.

The reviews at reviewscon can really help you choose the best because they are written by people who are using them already know the details of how the tablet works and everything. So before you go to buy the tablet, we suggest you read the reviews so you can really choose the perfect one for you.