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Traffic Violations And What You Can Do About Them

What all of us are told when we pass that driving test and get our license is that we need to obey the traffic rules. We’re given certain generic details like what to do when the light is red, how to overtake another car and knowing when it’s impolite to honk your horn at someone. What we aren’t told, however, is that there are certain specific laws in place that we need to adhere to otherwise we can get fined and ticketed for them.

On this page, we’ll go over some common traffic violations that you can get a ticket for so you know what you need to be careful with when you’re out driving. If you find yourself in trouble for any of these, you should go to and get in touch with an experienced traffic lawyer right away so that you can fight off that ticket and clean your record.


Speeding tickets are there to make sure that people drive safely but they can be unfair as well. You might accidentally be just a little over the speed limit and still get charged for it the same way as they’d charge someone who was driving very rashly. You might have reasons as well which only your lawyer will listen to.


There are certain places where you’re not allowed to park but it wasn’t clear so you park there anyways and then get a ticket for it. This happens more often than it should and only your lawyer will be able to get your out of it, if you speak up, they can put you in even more trouble.

Traffic Lights

Didn’t see that light turn red? Maybe you drove past it on time but the authorities think otherwise? In either case what you need to do is to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can and fight for your rights.


Arbitration Limitation

Courts come at two levels but the level that you’re probably going to be concerned with is the state court. These courts have general authority and settle all sorts of legal disputes. Federal courts on the other hand only undertake matters that the constitution proclaims them to hear. As such, when it comes to personal injury, it’s the state court that you’re going to be interacting with and you might have wondered if you can even make a case out of an injury claim. Here in Costa Ivone, LLC, all matters are taken seriously and if you have a claim to make, the court will hear it.

Being in an accident is no laughing matter. In the worst-case situation, you’ll end up hospitalized and unable to uphold your commitments. Being in the victim in these matters, you can very well seek legal assistance to represent you and seek reparations in a court of law. Depending on how the circumstances unfold, law enforcement could get involved and you might not know how to best answer questions they may have. To assist you in these matters, you can hire a personal injury attorney to guide you through matters to ensure the best possible outcome for yourself.

They will likely have seen many such cases similar to yours and hence have the experience to know how to proceed. Making a claim in court can be intimidating and if possible, many people would prefer to settle matters outside of it through arbitration as in court, matters might take a while to be resolved and can turn out to be costlier than the injury in the first place. If you can settle matters on spot when the injury happened, that would have the best outcome not only for you, but also for the person you wish to convict.


A Shocking Case of Legal Malpractice

The legal community is no stranger to unscrupulous dealings. This is most because of the fact that lawyers know the most about the system, which means that they are the most likely people to try and manipulate it. After all, their in depth knowledge of how the system functions and how various laws come into play at various times puts them in the perfect position to manipulate all of these intricacies, and the promise of the enormous profit they could glean from this malpractice usually proves too tempting for the vast majority of these lawyers to resist.

One of the most prominent instances of a lawyer using his knowledge of the system to illicitly profit is in the case of Landon Northcutt. This individual has been involved in a number of scams and the like, and recently he tried to use his experience in the healthcare industry to defraud a number of unwitting institutions out of a lot of money. In fact, him and his partner Mac Rust, both used their former position in a reputable solutions provider to hospitals to form a fake company of their own which ended up securing a lot of contracts from hospitals that did not know any better.

These contracts involved an exchange of money, and it is safe to say that Landon Northcutt does not intend to deliver any of the services that were promised. This money has essentially been stolen, and the hospitals are going to have to file cases so that they can attempt to recover it. If you want to learn more about how Landon Northcutt defrauded several hospitals, visit This site has all of the information you will need to understand why Landon Northcutt should never be trusted.