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Never Reuse a Mattress

When you are on a tight budget it can feel really great getting a good bargain on something you would have had to spend a larger amount of money on otherwise. This can be great for your wallet and it can help you get some spending money for other things you want to do or need to do. However, there are times when going for a bargain is not a good idea. There are some things that you will want to make sure have not been used by any other person and are also of good quality. One of those things is the mattress you sleep on. You should always get brand new mattresses and generally do not trust second hand mattresses for sale. You can even buy mattress online Australia but you should always get it firsthand.

There are many reasons you should be buying your own mattress even if you can get one at a discount from some other person. One big reason is that you have no idea where that mattress has been. As it is the thing that you will end up sleeping on every single day, you should always know who has slept on it and what they have done to it. It is an intimate place for a person as they sleep there, and the fact that the mattress could have had multiple owners and users before it means that you can never be sure what has happened on the mattress or what it has been exposed to.

With the average person shedding almost 4 whole kilos of dead skin and about twice that amount of hair. Much of this ends up on your bed where it attracts dust mites that will live in the mattress. Sharing that with a stranger is not a good idea.