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To Whom It Concerns

If you put a lot of money into your house, then having some good interior designing should be at the top of your list. You’ll be spending a lot of time there and will be potentially having multiple guests, both friends and family over and you would want to make sure that everyone is impressed with the way your home lays out. Decorators know what makes an attractive room, an aesthetic lounge and an inspiring kitchen. Showing their personality through their designs are what they’re good at and helping you express different things through your rooms artistry is better done with the keen eye of a professional.

Interior designing is all about making your home aesthetically appealing while maintaining a satisfying degree of functionality in every room. It might not sound intuitive but having a professional do you interior designing can even save some money since unnecessary spending won’t happen and after the work they put into your home, you can see it potentially raise in value overall giving you your money back if you ever come around to selling your home. There are many options available to you and designers alike when it comes to how you want to set up your home.

Art deco wall lights UK have many appealing options to really spice things up at home. With a professional assessment, these can be put where they can show their full potential and experience is imperative when it comes to setting things up in such a way to get that result. Arranging the furniture, colouring the walls and many more things come into play and can get in over a typical homeowner’s head. Even for your commercial buildings, offices and workplaces, spicing things up with a few decorations can really boost up that morale

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Your Eating Habits May Reveal Who You Are

As the saying goes “you are what you eat”, however, there are many people who refuse to believe in that, because it does not make sense to them. The thing that is important to know is that while you may not be what you eat, what you eat is something that can reveal a lot about your personality, and that is something that has been proven as well.

The way you finish your entire meal that is on your dinner or lunch plate can reveal a lot about your personality. While it certainly does not feel like a strong argument, there are some pretty convincing examples that further prove this. To start off, just take an example of someone sitting next to you at the dinner table, and that someone has ordered a steak that comes with a handful of vegetables like broccoli, and potatoes; you start eating your dinner, indulging in what you love the most while the person next to you takes a pick at the potatoes first, and then proceeds to eat the broccoli, and when the plate has been cleaned of everything but the steak, the person finally moves towards the steak.

I understand that you are feeling awkward, but trust me, people like the one I talked about exist. According to a food expert, these people are considered obsessive. There is other type of food eaters as well; for starters, there is a type called quirky eater, this type of eater is always on the conquest to ensure that not a single food item on the plate gets in contact with the other one during the course of the meal.

Last but not the least, another common example is of people who separate everything in their plate based on the colour, and then decide to eat all of the food, again, based on the colour, and which colour the prefer first.

While many may consider it as an odd, irrational, and unexplainable behavior, the important thing to know here is that somehow, all of these behaviours are linked to psychology, and if told to a psychologist, can help in finding a lot about the person. It can even go ahead and underline some of the disorders, or personality trait in a person.

For instance, a person who categorizes everything on their plate might have OCD, or something along the line of neurotic perfectionism. So, yes, if you are finding yourself wondering about your own eating habit, do not worry. This is not a place to offer diagnoses, the purpose of this article was just to make sure that people are aware that psychologists, as well as experts can tell a lot about you as a person just by looking at how you finish your meal. The results cannot be used against a person as there is more to us humans than our eating habits, but it still happens to be a really interesting find to begin with.

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The Best Foods Recommended By Nutritionists

Healthy eating is not something that everyone can pull off. Simply because it takes a lot of dedication to pull off, and if you are not dedicated enough things can go haywire in no time. Now when it comes to food that is actually nutritional, there are so many options available to you that you can choose from, however, this leads to a lot of confusion as well, as you will see so many articles on the internet telling you so many different things.

What I am trying to say here is that the essence of food that is actually nutritional or recommended by nutritionists can get lost in the mix up. The good thing, however, is that there are 10 foods that are recommended by the nutritionists all around the world. These foods actually have benefits as far as the nutritional values are concerned, and we can assure you that you will gain a lot of benefit from them. So, do not worry.


As far as my knowledge and research is concerned, I don’t think there is any nutritionist that says that blueberries are not good for you. So that is something that you must keep in mind. The good thing is that there are at least 15 types of phytonutrients that are found in the blueberries, and all of them are also potent anti-oxidants.

Leafy Greens

While you may not like the concept of leafy greens that much because who likes eating vegetables, you need to understand that leafy greens are actually a lot better when it comes to having a lot of nutrients, so if it nutrients you are after, you should definitely go for leafy greens because those are the way to go.


If you have ever wondered why almost every single nutritionist is always praising avocados, it is mainly because avocados are really good, so I can guarantee that you are going to have a lot of nutrients in your body just by consuming avocado.


According to several nutrients, the beans are the powerhouse of nutrients, and it actually is true. If you are looking for plant based protein that is also high in fiber, then take beans, and I can assure you that your overall health will be much better. So, if you like beans, then the good news is that there are no health hazards, and everything is going to be smooth sailing.


I don’t think I can name a single nutritionist that has problems with lemons. As a matter of fact, lemons happen to be one of the best foods whenever it comes to nutrients. As a matter of fact, lemons are filled with nutrients that will help anyone. So, if you are worried that lemon might the cause behind you being unhealthy, then make sure that you check out all the things that the experts have to say because they can rarely go wrong. It is that simple to understand in the end.

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Proper Breakfast – The Key to Weight Loss For Diabetics

People suffering from type 2 diabetes need to understand that by just making some changes to the way they eat breakfast can result in drastic weight loss. Whenever health professionals discuss the best possible ways of losing weight, one of the main questions that arise is whether or not a person should have breakfast in the morning. The answer is always a yes, and according to a research, a good breakfast can be a key to losing weight for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetics.

According to a research by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, a well-rounded breakfast that is big enough followed by a lunch and dinner that is controlled by portions can help diabetics lose weight as well as it keeps it off.

According to the research, when people suffering from type 2 diabetes control the way they eat, they can control their body’s metabolism. For starters, eating a slice of bread in the morning effects the body’s glucose response a bit differently than having a slice of bread before right before going to bed.

The research took 29 participants in total, 11 women, and 18 males respectively; the participants were suffering from type 2 diabetes, and they were on insulin. Participants were assigned to eat a diet that contain 1,600 calories. One group was supposed to eat 50 percent more than what their daily intake allows them at breakfast, and then distribute the rest of their calories between lunch and dinner that was on the smaller side. As for the other group, they were tasked with taking their calories in six smaller meals throughout the day.

The research went on for 3 months, and the researchers were responsible for monitoring the overall glucose levels as well as all the fluctuations during the first two weeks of study, at the end of this periods, those who ate heavy breakfasts filled with nutrients lost upwards of 11 pounds during the study, as compared to those who ate even meals ended up gaining more weight.

That is not all, people who ate a lot of breakfast also saw their glucose level drop significantly, however, people who who did ate their food in equal portions did not see the drop that was as significant.

This lead to the researchers noticing that breakfast is certainly the meal of the day that can influence weight loss. The bottom line is that the study that was conducted was on the smaller end, and requires more research to be done. Before you start changing your breakfast habit, we would advise you to take this with a pinch of salt. However, if you have not put on a lot of weight, and you have some free time on your hand, you can actually opt for this diet to see if it helps you in any way or not. It does, then well and good, but if it does not, then you will have to wait before things start getting better.